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The Brain Change

on December 22, 2009 in Misc 1 Comment »

My brain has been changing since I started my Layla plan.

Literally, physically, my brain truly is reshaping itself.  I can feel it, sense it.

This isn’t surprising.  Scientists know that the human brain is dynamic.  Within the first two hours of my first parkour class, the complex circuitry in my head sparked to life and forged new neuronal pathways.  Neurologists would tell me that the same dynamic growth is occurring when I practice Arabic, or learn how to play billiards, or pull out and read old French textbooks I haven’t looked at in years.  My brain is altering itself every bit as much as I am altering my body and my knowledge.


But what I really love is the beautiful scientific fact that my thoughts and feelings alone are changing my brain.  My mind and metaphorical heart – those ephemeral, insubstantial, spirit-like things — have the power to reshape the tissue and nerves and chemical balance and other biological realities that fill my skull.  What extraordinary power!  I’d never really appreciated it before now.

No, I couldn’t possibly have complete control over my brain.  If I did, I wouldn’t be crazy.  The point is, I’m finding out first hand and in palpable, very real ways that there’s a vast difference between writing about Layla Daltry in the pages of a manuscript and living like her in the real world.  My mind and feelings are changing far more than I’d anticipated, and they in turn are changing me and my life.

When I started my Layla plan I had thought that if I lined up classes and workouts and study hours and so on then my efforts to become like my own literary creation (Layla Daltry!  That exciting woman!) would progress logically.  I would have goalposts to measure my development.  I would work from the outside in.

But that’s not really happening.  Instead, the most noticeable changes I’ve seen in myself are not physical.  Granted, I do have a more buff body with fewer flabby parts.  But the striking fact is, since beginning my Layla plan what’s really changing is how I think and feel and look at my life and at the world.

But more about that later.  Once again, it’s very late, I have to get up early, and I should know better than to work on this blog when feeling sleep deprived.