Archive for June 4th, 2012

So this summer I’m planning to do some Layla-type antiquities hunting around Colorado.

Obviously this part of the old West is nothing like Italy, where Layla’s good friend Paolo is a full-time stromboli (tomb raider/amateur archeologist) because where he lives, a person can almost go out anywhere, start digging, and come across ancient statues or precious items or remains of temples or whatever.

Granted, here in Colorado we at least have some legendary lost gold treasures. But odds are if I find anything it’ll be only arrowheads or evidence that pioneers and Spanish conquistadors passed through.  But hey, for me this can be exciting.

Anyway, I didn’t head up to the mountains or even to some spot in the plains this weekend because thunderheads were in the forecast, and sure enough we got the nasty fierce winds and lightning and thunder but pitifully little rain.  See, when it comes to lightning you really don’t wanna be caught out in the open while up in the hills.

To give you an idea of what that can be like: my Dad had been a geologist with the USGS, and one time he and some other geologists were on a mountain and working away at the dirt and rocks.  Then my Dad noticed thunderhead clouds moving in fast.

He told the other guys that maybe they should get down to lower ground, but they poo-pooed him, said they had plenty of time before any storm began.  So my Dad stood up, swung his geologic hammer around his head, and it made a crackling noise – that’s how much electricity was in the air.  Immediately, the guys quickly packed up and got the hell off that mountain.

Anyway, most weekends around here I won’t have to worry about lightning, so I’ll head off on some fun, short antiquity hunts (and no, I won’t be taking any Indian artifacts or other illegal stuff).  On the other hand, my Dad while on the job often had to carry a gun because of the rattlesnakes or bigger critters that might cross his path.  I probably won’t see any where I’ll be headed, but just in case I might be carrying a nifty weapon I just learned about: wasp spray.  Did you know that wasp spray can hit a target up to twenty feet away and temporarily blind it?  Very handy.

If I ever hafta use the stuff on anything coming at me, I’ll let you know.