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It’s June 5th and that means it’s time to celebrate Hart’s release of her very first novel…


(Pause for cheers and applause.)

And of course I’m also giving a shout-out to Elizabeth Spann Craig because she’s releasing a whole new cozy series today with her novel….


(Again cheers and applause)

Of course all of us are now going to rush out and buy these two books, are we not?  Or if not rush out at least plant our behinds before our computer and download it from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.  Meanwhile, in their honor and in the name of this blogfest, here’s my humble entry in the zany cozy mystery pitch.

Cecily Sysiphus has a strange phobia: she can’t stand to talk on the phone. Put a cell in her hand, and she’ll stutter, she’ll mumble, she’ll drip cold beads of sweat and end the conversation before you can say Sorry, Wrong Number, like in the movie with Barbara Stanwyck. If she’s forced to answer a ringing phone, she’ll have a panic attack first. It all started when she saw, at a tender, impressionable age, Alfred Hitchcock’s Dial M for Murder. Watching the remake years later with Michael Douglas and Gwyneth Paltrow didn’t help, especially with its bloody kitchen scene.

Still, Cecily is now determined to battle her phobia and take control of her life, and to this end she bravely accepts a job as a night manager at a call center. This means working alongside the impossibly handsome and rugged CEO Kirk Cussler, which delights Cecily no end because he’s just the man she’s been waiting for all her life. Yet what neither of them suspect is that someone else in the call center (maybe it’s a him, maybe it’s a her) has also seen those movies, and he (or she), for reasons unknown and that I’m not going to tell you because that would be a spoiler, is starting to murder his (or her) fellow call center employees. Will the murderer attack Cecily before she can solve the untimely deaths of her underlings? Will he (or she) attack Kirk before he has a chance to express his undying love for Cecily? Will Cecily be able to answer that ringing phone before it’s too late?

So there it is:  my cozy mystery pitch.  Needless to say, Hart’s and Elizabeth’s books are much better than this.  You’ll love ’em.  Here are the links to their bloggie sites: