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This weekend it was too hot to do anything but write.

Sure, I recently told you guys I’d be doing some fun Layla-style antiquity hunting (most likely of the unsuccessful variety) on my summer weekends. But that was before we broke a record here in Colorado for the hottest June on record.  More than 100 degrees for several days now.  And I don’t have air conditioning in my car.

But hey, I am SO LUCKY compared to some people in the state.  You’ve probably seen the news reports about the forest fires here.  Well, over the weekend a couple of them got worse and now a few hundred homes are gone.  So if the worst thing that happens to me is I have to stay in town and write and edit and see a movie (The Avengers, which was kinda fun), then life is easy for me.

Can’t remember if I’ve mentioned before now the two manuscripts I’m getting into final shape for self-publishing.  There’s the original novel (Charity MacCay and the Almighty Dollar) and the sequel, and both are fun historical romps (1867-1869).  I also wrote both of them before turning out The Compass Master.  Funny thing is, they mean more to me than Compass, but hey, it’s still my baby and I’m proud of it and I want everyone who reads it to really enjoy it. Cause don’t we all want that for our books?

So when a couple friends and my Mom (my own mother!) tell me they really prefer Charity to Compass, I’m hurt.  Then again,when a friend and a sister couldn’t be bothered with even picking up Charity, but the friend said she loved Compass and was a real cheerleader for it, I’m grateful but still hurt for Charity.

As a writer, I take all of this way too personally. And neurotically.

So how about you?  Do you have favorite manuscripts or other stories buried in a sock drawer that only you love? How about a novel you wrote straight from your heart and soul but all it receives are emails of rejection?