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For the remainder of 2013, my posts will be from Layla Daltry’s perspective. She’s the hero of The Compass Master, a daring antiquities hunter, and while on the trail of a rare, precious artifact is living undercover in Denver as Helena Soister. Here are the latest details of her mission…

It was a good day.  Sunny and warm with most of the city again distracted by a Broncos’ game.  I could hear happy shouts through open windows whenever the team scored.

The scarcity of people out in the open meant I was free to work on my target practice.  So I went up to my condo building’s rooftop terrace while carrying a silent weapon: my slingshot.

It’s a humble weapon, very Huck Finn/Tom Sawyer and not very Twenty-First Century, but one never knows what skills might come in handy.  I fired the small steel balls at the air conditioning units (covered and padded for the coming winter).  Their impacts were so hard they bounced and rolled off to the opposite edge of the roof.  Never mind that I have a jar full of them:  I climbed over the terrace fence and retrieved them. Better to retrieve and reuse than reorder.  Still, I couldn’t resist seeing how far my trusty little weapon might shoot, and sure enough it sent balls past the farthest edge of the building and onto a neighbor’s roof.

Next up was an important errand to run:  I needed cat food and kitty litter.  But on the way to the store in the cheap little red car Helena drives (I so miss my Jeep and my Dublin penthouse), I couldn’t resist a moment of luxury:  I stopped at the mall and went into Neiman Marcus.

My cover can never shop in such a place and doesn’t much care.  But I care.  With her limited income I restricted myself to a sales rack and found a summer sweater marked down from $100 to $34.  The label on it was practically a short story, full of BS but I still loved it:

SOFT JOIE combines supple fabric blends, softened hues and refined, feminine silhouettes creating a range of effortless staples.

Lavish cotton and jerseys draped organically from the body allow comfort and ease.

Whether it’s just your everyday t-shirt or a layered beach look , SOFT JOIE emphasizes casual elegance and is most worthy of your cool, care-free lifestyle.

At last!  An item of clothing that is “most worthy” of me!  So I bought it.

And in the final two seconds of the game, the Broncos scored a field goal against the Cowboys and won.  That was an ending worthy of a thriller.