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If you’ve just hopped over from Milo James Fowler’s website, welcome!  As you can see, I’m participating in his ‘Tis More Blessed book giveaway.

I know that most of Milo’s readers are fantasy, sci-fi, and paranormal fans, but I like to think that my thriller The Compass Master has something for everyone.  There are  medieval codes, ancient secrets, a dangerous hunt, cool stuff like sacred geometry, and of course suspense.  Maybe a hint of romance.

I’ll be giving three winners copies of my book, your choice of an e-copy or paperback, from Amazon.  To enter, just leave a comment.

If you win, I hope you enjoy my book!

And if you’d like to subscribe to Milo’s blog (he’s a superb writer and a sweetheart of a blogger), here’s his link: Subscribe me to Milo’s Blog!

You’ll also want to check out his list of other writers who are giving away their books today.

Have a wonderful holiday season, and thanks for stopping by.