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Actually, despite this post’s title, I did get some writing done today.  I edited about 5o pages of my second Charity MacCay novel.  And considering the fact that I’m a really tough-on-myself, check-every-word, do-it-slowly editor, that’s pretty good.

Trouble is, now my brain is pretty much dead.  Can’t think up any funny poems to write for you all.  Can’t figure out how to introduce a Serious Topic I wanted to explore.  Sure as heck can’t be witty and entertaining.

I can only wish y’all a really great week.  Hope the world is kind to you and you have some fun and spectacular success with your writing and publishing.  Next weekend I promise to write, like, the coolest post I’ve ever written.  Which means I’m gonna GET OUT NEXT WEEKEND AND HAVE SOME FUN!

Take care.


Well, the haunted inn wasn’t haunted at all for me.  Dang it.

Of course I took this paranormal bust personally.  I felt rejected, as if I weren’t worth haunting.  Like, not even a measly floating orb?   I’m just not worth the energy to you freaking alleged spirits?  I feel like a failure.

old mansion

But in every other way my one night of relaxation away from home went just fine.  It was off-season on a Sunday night, which meant I had the entire old B&B mansion to myself.  My room was big and comfy, there were mountain birds singing, flagstone paths leading up the hill and to a second mansion next door where I had breakfast, and one of those old-fashion claw-foot bathtubs that fit the contours of my body far better than modern ones.  So for one night and morning I wallowed in semi-luxury.  And I can never wallow at home because there’s ALWAYS something that I have to be doing. ALWAYS some work.

See, this was a belated birthday gift to myself, and at $150 (plus tax, etc.) it was a reasonable splurge.  What I had originally intended was to stay in one of the few, in-demand haunted rooms (according to Ghost Hunters, etc.) at the Stanley Inn in Estes Park.  Also known as the set for Stephen King’s The Shining.  But then I learned how, while the Stanley charges about $200 for most rooms, those ghostly ones cost $400.

Oh get real.

For the cost of two nights at the Stanley I could fly to Ireland, where a few relatives would point me toward several seriously haunted, scare-the-pants-off you old ruins.  And the scaring would be free. And a lot more dramatic than what Ghost Hunters recorded at the Stanley.

And one of these days I’ll go there and tell you about it.

Anyway, I’m now back at home.  Do any of you have anything planned for this Memorial Day weekend?

Due to circumstances beyond my control (wow, doesn’t that sound official?), I’m gonna hafta post on Monday evening instead of Sunday.  Thank you for stopping by, and I’ll be back in 24 hours.

Have a great one.

Be back

You know how I taught myself – sometimes the hard and painful way – to do just about everything Layla Daltry can do in The Compass Master?  (Okay, so I didn’t learn a few languages or how to deal with black marketeers.  Sue me).  One of those skills was lock picking. When I got down the basics, I was pretty proud of myself.

lock picking

But today I learned that a young relative of mine in Britain is not only an expert locksmith, he has the NUMBER 1 RATED LOCKSMITH BUSINESS IN THE COUNTRY! That’s #1 out of more than 1600 locksmiths. “All locks and security devices repaired, fitted or opened.” This includes, of course, being able to quickly pick open just about any lock.

Layla would want to consult him, since she tends to get into places illegally, and I myself am jealous and most impressed.  His business is in Cardiff, Wales, and it’s called Curley Locks, and yeah that’s a cutesy name but the fact is Curley is the family name on my Irish mother’s side.

In case you’re curious, here’s the link:

What you will definitely want to check out is this link to a video my sister sent me:  fifth graders and synchronized swimming on stage. Need I say more?  (What I should say is that you can fast forward through the first 30 seconds ’cause nothing happens until after that.)

Finally, within the next ten days or so I’ll be able to tell you about my night in an allegedly haunted inn.  If anything exciting happens (of the paranormal variety only, since unfortunately I’ll be alone), I’ll let you know.

Have a great week.

tired old

First, a fact completely irrelevant to writing…

There’s a product called Tired Old Ass Soak Mineral Bath Salts.  When I saw it at the health food store I almost bought it, just ’cause I loved the label.

As for writing, here’s some good news: I’m actually enjoying my semi-final editing of my second Charity MacCay novel.  I say semi because I’m neurotically never satisfied with anything I write so I always keep tweaking and polishing.  I know some writers dread the editing process, but for me it’s always been easier than writing the first draft.   By the way, Hemingway said he re-wrote the last page of A Farewell to Arms thirty-nine times because he wanted to get the words right.


The kinda bad news is: I did NO editing this weekend.  Why? Well, my sister is in town so when I’m not spending time with her I’m catching up on everything else.  Wanna know what I did today?

I exercised for about an hour.

Cleaned the kitchen

Did two loads of laundry

Finally packed away all my Compass Master research that was taking up room in my office.

Replaced them with file folders of research related to my Charity MacCay books.

Vacuumed around my desk where the boxes of stuff had been, thus scooping up a few year’s worth of dust bunnies.

Got stuff out of my storage unit in the basement that I’ve been meaning to give my sister.

Rearranged the boxes in that unit because they were falling down on me.

Finished vacuuming the rest of my place.

Went grocery shopping.

Took out the recycling and garbage and kitty litter.  And on and on…  Okay, and I watched Mad Men and Masterpiece Theater.

See the photo above of Hemingway?  THAT’S how I wish I’d spent my weekend: just writing and being somewhere out in the wild world.  I swear that next weekend I’m gonna edit and then play outside and do nothing else.  No cleaning, no errands, NO HOUSEWORK!  But at least it’s been good spending time with my sister.

So how was your weekend?  I bet yours was a lot more productive on the literary front than was mine.