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A Week Postponed

on February 22, 2015 in Misc 9 Comments »

Sorry, my lovely readers, but I’m really not up to writing a post tonight.


See, a really close friend very suddenly isn’t doing well.  I was told the bad news on Saturday, it got worse on Sunday, and now major emergency stuff is scheduled for tomorrow (Monday).

Which means that my mind and heart feel like they’re imploding.   I can’t concentrate on anything.  Yeah, I’m a worrywart by nature.  But still.

Anyway, all of you have a wonderful week, and hopefully a warm one and not like the icy mess we’re having here in Colorado.  And if you can, send some good thoughts my friend’s way.  Take care.

Work and Play

on February 16, 2015 in Misc 10 Comments »

Sure, my plan for 2015 was to just have some fun instead of writing.  Cause I was burned out on writing.  I was (and am) seriously burned out on publishing.  I can’t even think of book marketing. I was really, truly SICK OF IT ALL!

So guess what happened.


I’m starting to enjoy writing again.  It’s actually FUN again!  You know why?  CAUSE THERE’S NO PRESSURE! But only because I’m writing purely for myself and maybe a few friends (bless ‘em!) who want to read my stuff.

This is why I made a lot of progress on my screenplay yesterday.  And a few days ago I would have spent hours (I only had one hour) writing my sci fi novel.  And tonight I wanted to pull out my old Moonlighting script and in one sitting turn it into a movie-length screwball comedy (that was just delusional).

BUT… I still desperately need some action and fun.  Happening soon, I hope, will be…

1) Laser Tag.  I thought it would be paintball but the few players I can go with want laser tag instead.  These players are half my age.  Which says something about my maturity level.

2) I’m lining up friends for the Escape Room game (nothing happens fast these days!).  At least one other player will be my age.

3) I may not be a Woman Who Runs with the Wolves, but I’ll be a Woman Who Tracks Coyotes.  There’s a growing number around the edges of Denver, and I figure it’ll be good training for finding escaping bad guys, finding missing people (I’m thinking up fiction stories here).

How about you?  Are you enjoying writing, or has it become a burden?


This whole last week was full of so much work — both at my job and at home — that I had no time for ACTION stuff.  All I could do was plan a couple upcoming mini-adventures.

A couple small plans:  Paintball with friends (I hope!) and escape rooms.

escape use

In case you’ve never heard of escape rooms (a couple in town are in old Victorian mansions), this a code-breaking game in which you have one hour to escape from a locked room by solving intricate puzzles.  Because I use codes and puzzles in The Compass Master, I like to think I’ll be a whiz at this game.  But if it turns out that I stink at escaping I’ll be pretty embarrassed.

Then there’s a plan I’ve mentioned before:  treasure hunting.  Yes I know, this has the same credibility as my (joking) plan to photograph a bigfoot.  But it’ll be a fun way to see if I can do what Layla does, antiquities hunter that she is.

One thing I really can do like crazy is perform research.  This week I ruled out looking for a lost treasure that some people still insist exists:  the Reynolds Gang hidden gold dust and cash.  It was supposed to be hidden in 1864 in a mine shaft near a certain Colorado mountain, but I had my suspicions, kept looking, and finally came across a 1906 newspaper story documenting how two prospectors searched for the lost loot and found “buried plunder aggregating in value $18,000.”

“The treasure was undoubtedly buried by the Reynolds gang of outlaws,” the newspaper claimed.

I also came across recent news reports of people traveling to New Mexico dozens of times in search of the modern day Forest Fenn treasure.  Seriously?  Come on, people, get a life!  I mean, treasure hunting should be nothing more than getting out in the wilderness, hiking around, then going home and writing a novel about your fictional adventure.

 How your own plans for the coming weeks?  Writing anything new?  Having some fun?

Time for me to have some sweet revenge.  Or as I like to call it, justice and truth.

Sure, Modesty Blaise doesn’t believe in revenge, but in her stories she inflicts a lot of “justice.”

cat accidents

My own Charity MacCay is hot tempered and pursues getting a secret justice against real life American Robber Barons in the 1860’s (the Koch brothers of the Gilded Age).  She even has the chance to drown a couple of them but doesn’t, and regrets this because the Robber Barons live and go on to damage America.

As for Layla Daltry — she is so the personal justice type.

Then there’s me.  For this week and in the months to come I’ll go after a few evil *#!!$ who deliberately hurt me professionally and financially.  Sure, I exercised forgiveness, but while that emotionally and spiritually helped me, I’ve learned that a couple of them have become even nastier and have hurt more workers in their firm.

There’s also the fact that one of them once laughed about how he killed any cat that came on his yard, and his wife (and fellow boss) laughed along with him.  To this day I’m ashamed that I never contacted the ASPCA or other authorities.  That may not have done any good — my word against theirs — but once I was out of that firm I should have done something.

Anyway, it became clear that these Evil Ones will not stop their abusive ways — or treat people more humanely — until someone takes a whack at them.  Figuratively speaking.

Why shouldn’t that someone be little ol’ me?

With this noble idea in mind, I collected old papers from my files (I’m a packrat for documents and personal notes) and Googled like crazy.  In the end I collected helpful information.  My next steps will be to…

This is where I can’t tell you about my plans.  Sorry, but some things have to be hush-hush until they’re completed.  And even then I’ll never talk about a few details because I’ve got to watch my back.  I just hope I can make a difference for a few innocent people.  And wandering cats.

How about you?  Have you ever tried to obtain retro justice in your stories or in your life?

And on a slightly different but very Layla note…

I’m trying a new Action Hero workout with the Essentrics “Flexibility Workout for Athletes” one hour routine.  I did it twice this weekend and all I can say is…  Ow….  Ow….  Ow….