Lost Weekend

on October 4, 2010 in Misc

I have no idea where my weekend went.

I went into it with the best of intentions.  I was going to get a big chunk of Compass Master edited.  I was gonna really stretch and work out and maybe study languages.  I was gonna read a friend’s short story.  I was gonna be Layla in overdrive.

None of this happened.

Ever have one of those weekends where, at the end of it on Sunday night, you’re trying to figure out where 48 hours disappeared to?  And you didn’t have a single drop of liquor — not even a sip of beer or wine — so it’s not like you were under the influence of a foggy, chemical haze.  I mean, sure I went out with a friend Friday night and had some (innocent, alcohol-free) fun.  And yes, I had a fencing tournament on Saturday that lasted over four hours, not including the drive to and from plus getting ready for it.  And sure, after the tournament I went grocery shopping so that by the time I got home and rehydrated I was pretty much only good for doing my blobbed-out Jabba the Hut imitation on the sofa.

I mean, why the HELL is my weekend suddenly over?  Was it all just housework, errands and tasks?  Because I can tell you that nothing seems to be finished and I’ve still got piles to do.

On the slightly more positive side…


Okay, so it was just a small tournament at the fencing center school.  And there were only 10 epee competitors (as opposed to the much larger foil and sabre divisions).   But in the end I was the only female left, so it was down to me, two high school guys and a college student — guys less than half my age and in superb physical shape.  Granted, of those three the only one I beat was the youngest and shortest.  For an old lady like me, that’s still pretty good.

 Now if I could only get a handle on my weekends, I’d really be a champ.

6 Responses to “Lost Weekend”

  1. ann says:

    Ok. I can see the headlines now…. “Jabba the Hut wins the Bronze!” His frustrated opponent was overhead commenting, “Curses, foiled again.”
    Seriously, Congratulations on your Bronze!

  2. Helena says:

    Ann – FOILed again? Aaack!

    Good pun.

  3. Hart says:

    I think through Saturday sounds like you filled it pretty darned well. And HUZZAH! on the broze in the tourny!!! Great job! Go Layla vibe!

  4. Helena says:

    Hart — Thanks! But I still pretty much just farted away Saturday morning.

  5. Ben says:

    Congrats on your achievement! Fencing sounds like a very difficult sport! Crazy reflexes for sure!
    I have found the same thing with me, my weekends and free-times have been vanishing into thin air with nothing occupying them of major interest. This needs to be solved.

  6. Helena says:

    Ben – I hope your own free time (comedy improv! Time with friends in the dorm!) still holds lots of fun for you. College life can be the best.