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Ever have days when you feel like your brain is so overloaded it’s going to explode?

Physically, I’ve been doing better the last couple weeks. I’ve gotten in enough quickie workouts at the office gym to build my stamina back up. Then this last Saturday and Sunday when I pushed myself I did just fine. My body is happier now. I even feel kinda hot – physically, at least.

Mentally I’m close to being a basket case.

If you’re a writer, you know what I mean.  It’ s not just everyday work and family and To Do Lists and frickin’ holiday stuff that’s piling up in our heads.  We writers start with that mess and then throw on our novels and stories and plots and characters and themes and so much other fictional flotsam and jetsam that our poor gray matter is ready to blow a neuronal fuse.

This is why I’m so spacey, I tell people.  ‘Cause I’m a writer.

Non-writers really don’t understand how tough it is for us when we’re in the final stages of rewriting a novel.  We’re so close to that glorious moment when we can type (yet again) THE END, and this time really mean it, that it’s hard to concentrate on anything else.  Because once we get to that real, absolute END we can finally have some peace.  No more characters talking in our heads.  No more distractions over plot twists.  No more calculating how much time we can squeeze out of our busy schedules to get some writing done.  Because it’s DONE!

And so, if in the next few weeks I come across to you as mentally not quite with it, please be patient.  I’m merely suffering through the dreaded final stages of Writer’s Syndrome.